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Emsa Thermo

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Keep your drinks warm with the Emsa Thermo. The Emsa thermo is a high-quality vacuum thermos jug that can retain heat up to 12 hours! The Emsa thermos has a timeless design with a glass interior lining, which means its 100% leak free. Besides that the thermos is easy to operate with one hand because of the soft touch handle and quick press button The Emsa Thermos comes in three clean robust colours waves. At first we got the smooth blue colour, the other thermos comes with a copper red gloss colour and the last one has a clean green colour.

Product description Emsa Isothermal

  • - 12 hours hot
  • - up to 24 hours cold
  • - Plastic/Glass
  • - Dishwasher safe

About Emsa

Emsa stands for products that let you feel at home while your on the move. Emsa is tries to inspire people every day, with their innovative products with trendy colours, slim design and of course with the best functionality. From thermos and practical products for the road through smart kitchen tools and stylish trays to unique fresh boxes and decorative plant pots for the garden.

Emsa combines over 65 years of leading brands with responsibility for people and environment. Sustainability is very important to Emsa, from the beginning with certified raw materials to the use of energy-efficient production facilities ending with strict quality controls. Germany plays a big part of the high quality, with headquarters established in Germany Emsa employs over 400 employees that keeps striving for beter ideas.

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The Emsa thermo are avaliable in three different colour waves with a stock of 500 per colour for more information contact us!

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