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Pyrex Pyroflam Casseroles & Steam Basket

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If your looking for strong cook ware and sustainable, look no further and check out the Pyrex Pyroflam Casseroles & Steam basket !

The Pyrex Pyroflam casseroles is made from white Vitro-ceramics and includes a glass cover.The Vitro-ceramics from the Pyroflam Casserole is resistant against a thermal shock up to 450 degrees Celsius and it also can be heated to 800 degrees Celsius!

U can use the Pyrex casseroles with your daily cooking routine, for your vegetables, meat and other dishes. The Pyrex Pyroflam is also Dishwasher protected.

But that’s not the only plus side of the Pyrex Pyroflam Casserole. It’s even Suitable for gas, electricity, oven and halogen, the bottom doesn’t bend and it keeps the heat inside for a very long time. The Pyrex Pyroflam Casserole’s cover is made from borosilicate glass which means it’s hard enough to prevent it from breaking when it falls. The glass can handle a big temperature chance, so you can take it out the oven and in to the fridge without any problem.

Feature of the Pyrex Pyroflam

  • Vitro-ceramics
  • Material : Borosilicate glass
  • Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and halogen.
  • Suitable for oven
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Dishwasher safe

About Pyrex

Pyrex is a company founded in 1915 as shared enthusiasm for new glass applications. Pyrex has changed over the year to improve. Over the years, they proved they got the best ideas to provide families by cooking, preparing and serve the table. With a combination of tradition and innovation Pyrex shows that they are a helping hand for every family in need of cookware.

with more than 100 years’ experience Pyrex proved that there an high quality brand with a lot of products relevant to baking, cooking and preserve food.  Make sure to check the website of Pyrex for more information

Available products

The Pyrex Pyroflam casseroles are available in the size 2, 3 and 5 Litre. There in the colour white and all included with a glass cover.

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