Part-time Chef / Cook

Do you want to escape the pressure cooker?

Join us as our chef, in one of the most beautiful showrooms in the business. A place where your passion for food will be cherished and your work-life balance respected. Dive into an energetic role where every dish adds to a delightful culinary experience and helps foster a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Apply now to turn your professional culinary skills into a fulfilling journey with us!

What we have to offer

  • A chefs kitchen with all the tools and utensils you dream of

  • Every day fresh ingredients to work with

  • An energetic and international environment within a fast growing company

  • A part-time job where you can be as creative as you like

Are you searching for culinary freedom and work hours that every chef dreams of? Do you want an enjoyable job focused on crafting delicious meals, without the pressures of the traditional hospitality industry?

Then, we invite you to join us for a friendly and insightful introductory chat. Discover how you can turn your passion for food into a career that truly satisfies your professional and personal aspirations. Come and explore the possibilities with us!


Our specialists are happy to talk to you.

Michaëla van Helvert-Rikken

General Manager
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Team 4Everyware Teambuilding
Team 4Everyware Teambuilding